On Highway 101, less than 15 minutes from Sallisaw, you will find barbecue that has all of Arklahoma buzzing with excitement.

At Akins Store, you can find cold beer and other grocery essentials as well as livestock feed and fuel. Since 2015, Akins Store has perhaps become best known for its incredible barbecue.

BBQ restaurants are popular in many parts of the United States and no two BBQ places are exactly alike. This can make choosing which restaurant to visit a difficult task. When you search for “barbecue restaurants near me” you will find a lot of options. Knowing what to look for in a BBQ joint is important for making sure that you choose wisely.

The Art and History of Barbecue

For thousands of years, humans have cooked meat over an open fire. What we now know as barbecue finds its origin in the Caribbean. Over time, barbecue has evolved to become an important slice of American culture. The award-winning restaurants of Kansas City and Memphis stand as landmarks celebrating the art of BBQ.

Not to be overlooked, a number of legendary Oklahoma barbecue restaurants dot the landscape of the Sooner State. Each restaurant tends to have its own specialty, whether that is smoked ribs, hot links, or chopped brisket.

As with any art, barbecue can be a controversial subject for some. Even the word “barbecue” is the subject of debate. Some folks prefer the spelling of the word as “barbeque” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary lists “barbeque” as a variant).

Further, BBQ fans will debate which type of sauce is the best, or if the sauce is needed at all. BBQ fans in Alabama will tell you their mayonnaise-based sauces are as good as you’ll find. Meanwhile, folks in eastern North Carolina will tell you their sauce is a notch above the sauce they make down in Florida. This site’s map even includes a breakdown of which BBQ style is most popular in each state.

The idea of what even counts as barbecue foods has been challenged in recent years. Recipes for BBQ Cauliflower and even watermelon can be found with a quick google search.

While the rest of the world debates these issues, Akins Store focuses on creating the best BBQ around. A cozy location and food prepared with care and personal touch are only the beginning. For Akins Store owners Brooke and Seth Lattimore, the “secret” to becoming the area’s hottest BBQ spot is simple, old-fashioned customer service. As with any type of business, customer service is the most important ingredient that keeps customers coming back.

“We provide the best possible products at a fair price,” Brooke notes. “We do this while treating our customers like family and doing so with a smile.”

Creating flavorful, fall-off-the-bone smoked meats is Seth’s specialty. You will frequently find him at Akins Store hard at work preparing racks of ribs, brisket, pork butt, and bologna.

Devoting the time needed to do the process right and paying attention to the small details are very important. Seth ensures the finished products are of the highest quality. From pulled pork to brisket, every dish that’s served at Akins Store is Seth’s signature product.

On Fridays, Akins Store’s famous loaded baked potatoes are available. The loaded baked potatoes include brisket or pulled pork (or both).

Sides and Sauces

In some cases, side items like potato salad and baked beans can by themselves win fans for a restaurant. Akins Store features “Brooke’s Beans”, a made-from-scratch side dish that has become popular with many Akins Store regulars. Other popular side dishes you will find include the loaded potato salad as well as Akins Store’s signature jalapeno coleslaw. The jalapeno coleslaw offers a unique flavor that goes well with any BBQ item.

Akins store provides diners with a wide selection of barbecue sauces to choose from. Brands include Head Country, a brand created in Oklahoma. At the sauce bar, you will also find customer favorites like Stubb’s barbecue sauces, Mrs. Renfro’s Ghost Pepper Sauce. Wright’s Barbecue Sauce from Fayetteville, Arkansas is also available.

The Lattimores are excited about the future of Akins Store. Serving the best BBQ in Sequoyah County is only the beginning. Their plans for the future include adding live music, special dinner nights, and Sunday brunch.

Written By Lance Montgomery

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