Humans began cooking meat over a fire thousands of years ago. Since then, the world has become obsessed with BBQ food such as BBQ ribs, pulled pork, and brisket.

Today, we thank our ancestors from millennia past for having the foresight and good taste to lay the foundation for what millions of people today enjoy at backyard gatherings, restaurants, and family picnics.

Arguably the most fantastic thing humans have ever done with fire, BBQ is more than an art; it can also bring families together where they can create lifelong memories.

“There are few things so pleasant as a picnic eaten in perfect comfort.” – W. Somerset Maugham

Saturday, April 23, is National Picnic Day. If you and your family plan to head out to area parks, lakes, or your backyard to enjoy an outdoor picnic, we have a few suggestions to help you make the occasion memorable.

Top 3 Reasons to let Akins Store do the cooking!

Few things are as good a choice for a picnic as BBQ. Whether you’re gathering for a July 4th celebration or a weekend event with family “just because,” having great food is essential. Preparing and organizing your food – the main dish, the sides, etc. – can be stressful, but Akins Store can come to your rescue.

Here are a few reasons you should let Akins Store help you have a stress-free picnic:

1 – Amazing Customer Service

Service is essential for any business, and Akins Store takes a time-honored approach to customer service. Whether it’s Brisket, pulled pork, bologna, or ribs, everything is prepared with care and attention to every detail. 

2 – Affordable Prices

Depending on the number of people at your picnic, buying the food can become expensive! At Akins Store, the goal is to keep prices reasonable while at the same time overdelivering on quality. This will help you keep your meal within budget while giving your family and friends fantastic food they will never forget.

3 – Variety

The third reason to get your BBQ from Akins Store is the incredible variety.

Trying to please everyone at the picnic can be difficult. If you have a guest that wants smoked bologna, Akins Store has it. Do some of your guests want brisket while some prefer pulled pork? Akins Store can help you make them all happy! Take it a step further and spice up your picnic with Brooke’s Beans and the jalapeno coleslaw.

Don’t forget the full-service convenience store where you can stock up on drinks, desserts, and other necessities in one spot!

Call ahead and place your order for your picnic. Akins Store has become one of the most popular BBQ restaurants in the region. By planning your order, you can help Akins Store help you create the perfect picnic.

We’ve even included a copy of the menu here to help you plan your picnic!  

More tips for planning the perfect picnic

Once you’ve let Akins Store help you with the food, here are a few more tips to help you plan:

Pick a Beautiful Spot

Whether you are in western Arkansas or eastern Oklahoma, you can be sure there are beautiful picnic spots near you. For example, Sallisaw has several public areas available for picnics.

If nothing else, home sweet home can be one of the most wonderful places for a picnic! Don’t worry if you don’t have lawn furniture at home. A simple blanket on the ground makes for a perfect picnic setting.

Bring a Bag for Trash

Enjoying an outdoor picnic among the singing birds and flowers swaying gently in the breeze can be beautiful but also messy! Make sure you have bags to collect litter. Most public access areas will have trash cans on-site, but always be prepared!

Thankfully at Akins Store, you can find the paper goods you need to make sure your picnic is mess free!

Use Sun Protection

If you’re planning to spend the day outside for your family picnic, you should use sun protection. Protection from the sun is especially important if you’re planning to have a picnic in summer or spring.

Don’t forget the insect repellent to keep the ticks and mosquitos away!

You can find sunscreen and insect repellent at Akins Store!

Buy Local

Whether it’s BBQ and picnic supplies from Akins Store or fresh produce from a local farmer’s market, buying local helps support our communities! Stronger communities are better communities!

Written by Lance Montgomery

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